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We are VCUarts Qatar

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VCUarts Qatar blends the innovative spirit and high standards of our home campus with the bold originality and deep traditions of Qatar.

The result is an art and design education that helps students cultivate creativity, probe possibilities, fearlessly question, surpass limits, set new standards, and most importantly, make an impact.

This year we celebrate 25 years in Qatar. Join us as we look forward to our Next 25.

Find Your Passion


Apr 14

BYH is an innovative concept tailored to meet the construction, fit-out, and renovation needs of Qatari nationals with the aim of fostering the development of more livable cities and enhancing the quality of life for citizens throughout the GCC

A Qatar Academy student using a virtual reality headset and paddles during the class
a stand at build your home with three screens showing the works of the V c u arts qatar winners
One of hana's work at the Wusum Exhibition . It is a wave shipped piece of wood constructed of squares . similar types of artwork are in the background . It is set against a gray floor