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BFA+MFA Thesis 2024

Bridging Bubbles Section, illustrator, 2024

Lolwa Al-Atiaya

Recreational Center Empowering Self-Sufficiency in Autistic Children

Interior design

My design aesthetic is influenced by nature, and the natural habitat in which my design tends to be placed. I like to make sure that my designs become seamlessly intertwined with their locations, because I believe that this gives the design longevity and meaning. My international experience, due to living abroad most of my life, provided opportunities to experience different cultures. This experience has opened my eyes to different ways of life, which ultimately brings with it different solutions in interior design. This also helps me utilize this knowledge to create a design that transcends borders and speaks to a broader audience. Recently, evidence-based design has been a priority in my work. This has led to my design of the thesis project, which is a recreational center devoted to enhancing autistic children’s skill set and allowing their inclusivity in society.