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Scandic Restaurant design, Render, 2023

Maryam Almajid

Immersive Children’s Orphanage in Rwanda

Interior design

As a designer, I stand at the intersection of imagination and reality, weaving colors and cultures into narratives that transform spaces into experiences. Fueled by passion and insight, my journey is a testament to creativity’s boundless potential despite the inevitable challenges. Transforming 2D concepts into 3D realities and overcoming constraints have only honed my resilience and innovative spirit. My design philosophy embraces empathy and storytelling, treating each space as a narrative canvas that reflects people’s comfort and uniqueness. 

This approach shines in my senior thesis on designing an orphanage in Rwanda, aiming not just for functionality but a haven imbued with joy, hope, and cultural connectivity for overcrowded children. Successes, like crafting permanent exhibitions, affirm my ability to profoundly impact lives through design, validating the transformative power of my work. Committed to creating spaces that narrate, shelter, and enrich, my work strives to embody community, belonging, and resilience, showcasing design’s ability to effect real, positive change.