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Supervising Eyes, digital media (GIF), 2024

Shouq Ali Rahim

Eye Supervise…

Painting & Printmaking

In this project, I explore video and the theme of all-time observation and supervision. The installation revolves around my constant reflection and monitoring of myself, the feeling of everyday self-discipline, self-representation, and identity sculpting. It is a mixture of a soft pat on my back and a tight hold on my neck. This is represented by the many existing instruments of recording and supervision, such as eyes, artificial lenses, and reflections. The pupil-less eyes with spiky eyelashes give off an empty and emotionless look while shooting harsh glares depicting the strict and scary supervision. The video is a starting point of conversations, to provoke thoughts about the reasons why we behave ourselves, act humanely, and keep morals. Take a deeper look into your inner thoughts and fears to find your personal answers, if existing.