A group exhibition featuring artworks by Painting & Printmaking junior and senior students from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the arts in Qatar

Students: Aisha Al-Ziani • Amena Al-Yousef • Kaltham Al-Thani • LaRissa Rogers • Maryam Alameri • Maryam Al-Thani • MS Alkhayarin Noof Al-Theyab • Noor Alshebani • Nour Elbasuni • Lolwa Alsulaiti • Roda Al-Khori • Sara Al-Fadaaq • Sonia Limberis

As our junior and senior students from the Painting and Printmaking department at VCUarts Qatar develop as artists, they learn and explore the different ways in which they can present their work as a part of their broad and versatile curriculum. This show is the outcome of an all-student effort in realizing and putting together the students' personal investigations thus far. 

Opening hours: Everyday from 9am to 6pm.

Exhibition Dates

23 Nov – 6 Dec 2017

Opening Reception

Wed / 22 Nov / 6:00pm


Free - Open invitation


Art 29 at W Hotel