Crossing Boundaries Lecture by Taekyeom Lee

Visiting designer Taekyeom Lee explores unconventional materials and digital methods to graphic design.

Tuesday, February 5 at 12:45pm: VCUarts Qatar's Atrium

Thursday, February 7 at 4:00pm: Qatar National Library (QNL)

Technological convergence and digital manufacturing processes using computer numerical controls have broadened creative possibilities and the perception of the three-dimensional experience for artists and designers. In this interactive lecture, Taekyeom Lee will share not only the success and failure of the toolmaking process, but his ongoing research efforts to develop, test, and find the place of the emerging technologies in creative practices. He explores unconventional materials and digital methods to graphic design to create 3D type, graphics, and even designed objects to combine digital and physical experiences.

The explorations are engaged with tangible experience assisted and/or created with various digital controls. Digital fabrication techniques play a crucial role in turning intangible ideas into tangible design products, also become an agent to build the strong connection between analog and digital environments. For his research, he built custom tools for his research including 3D printers and paste extruders to produce 3D ceramic type and objects as a ceramic 3D printer was not affordable or accessible.

Taekyeom Lee is an interdisciplinary artist although he prefers to introduce himself as a designer using artist’s material and artistic sensibility. He is currently an Assistant professor of Graphic Design at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. He received an MFA degree in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His research explores 3D type as a series of typographic explorations to strive challenges and seek a new way to create tangible letterforms in three-dimensional space. Taekyeom Lee’s research has drawn interest nationally and internationally.

The Crossing Boundaries Lecture Series is an initiative of VCUarts Qatar. The lecture will be presented in English. 

Image courtesy of the designer.

Lecture Dates

5 Feb – 7 Feb 2019


Free - Open invitation


The Atrium at VCUarts Qatar & QNL