Crossing Boundaries Lecture: Dr. Hassan Radoine

Exploring Architectural Frontiers Contemporary Design in the Middle East

The internationalist standardized vocabularies and forms of architecture plague all of the cities in the Middle East, with no consideration for their environmental, ecological, cultural, geographical or social settings. The rich architectural diversity and uniqueness of the region, which once offered the world architectural wonders, has frequently been substituted with monotonous designs. 

Architecture in the Middle East is trapped between corrective measures of its own tradition, and imported forms. Therefore, the complexity and diversity of the region’s cultural and geographical environments require not only smart designs, but also engrained knowledge in order to conceive comprehensively sustainable projects.

This lecture is about exploring architectural frontiers on how these environments to be comprehended, and about how contemporary design considers their contextual meanings. Dr. Hassan Radoine is an architecture curator, critic, educator, author and consultant. He is currently the Director of the École Nationale d Architecture (Morocco).

Lecture Dates

1 Feb


Free - Open invitation