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Rhys Himsworth, Director of Painting and Printmaking, presents 'Entropy', his first solo exhibition in the Middle East. The exhibition comprises of several new works as well as works exhibited previously in the United States and Europe.

Opening Reception

Tuesday, 3 April 2012
6 PM

This reception is open to the public and no reservations are required.

Exhibition Dates

3 April - 24 April


VCUQatar Atrium & Gallery, Education City, Doha

About the exhibition

‘Entropy’ describes the loss of information. In information theory, it refers to the measure of uncertainty, which determines how close a system is to equilibrium or disorder. Working across a range of media, Himsworth mixes natural elements with the machine made to create hybrids that have a dialog between the new and the obsolete, the automated and the intuitive and the organic and systematic.

About Rhys Himsworth

Rhys Himsworth received his BA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2003 and his MA in Printmaking from the Royal College of Art in 2009. He is currently Director of Painting and printmaking at VCUQatar


3 Apr – 24 Apr 2012
12:15pm ‐ 1:15pm


Free - Open invitation


VCUQatar Saffron Hall