House of Sweden

The exhibition celebrates the collaboration between students from the Interior Design and Painting and Printmaking programs at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar and the Swedish Embassy.

The House of Sweden project proposal is designed to deliver the best possible solutions that allows the Swedish Embassy in Doha to create a stronger emphasis on its presence in Qatar. Mentors: Dr. Erik Johan Granberg and Dr. Kevin H Woolley. Students: Bashayer Al-Naimi, Najoud Al-Khal, Aysha Al-Solaitti, Hissa Bujaloof, Kaisha Bickley, Abir Zakzok, Mark Bermejo, Sherin Karawia, Dana El Masri, Thuraya Alomar, We'am Afify, Betina Jensen, Sally Ghazi and Theekshani Perera.

The scuplture project was a collaboration among junior students from Painting and Printmaking department and seniors from the Interior Design Students. The project was aimed at producing scupltural pieces that were conceptualized from objects found in Qatar. Mentor: Richard Blackwell. Students: Afnan Al-Mulla, Aisha Al Fadhala, Nagiya Moideen, Noor Al Thani, Sara Al-Buainain, Shouq Al-Mana, Shurooq A Al-Jalabi, Yousuf Bahzad and Maha Almaslamani.

Exhibition Dates

25 Feb – 18 Mar 2016

Opening Reception

Thu / 25 Feb / 4:30pm


Free - Open invitation


HBKU STUDENT CENTER (former Tribe Space)