Kaleidoscope - Faculty Exhibition 2010

The Gallery at VCUQatar presents 'Kaleidoscope - Faculty Exhibition 2010' - an exhibition of works by artists and designers who are teaching and researching at VCUQatar.

Opening Reception

Wednesday, 8 December
6:30 PM

This reception is open to the public and no reservations are required.

Exhibition Dates

8 December 2010 - 15 January 2011

About 'Kaleidoscope'

The Gallery | Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar has invited all full-time and part-time art and design teaching faculty to participate in Kaleidoscope - Faculty Exhibition 2010. This exhibition showcases the diversity among faculty members and the range of materials and approaches involved in the art and design disciplines with the hope that viewers will be inspired by the talents and the creativity at VCUQatar. The Gallery Committee has been working with Assistant Professor Don Crow from Art Foundation this year to devise the concept of this exhibition.

Each participant has been given equal space for exhibiting work, i.e. each artist or designer will produce a work about one meter wide and somewhat more than three meters tall (floor to ceiling). Within these dimensions works can comprise all media: flat, sculptural or light-based, including 2-dimensional drawings, hung posters, digital projections, fabric hangings, sculptural objects, not to exceed 30.5 cm or 12 inches in protrusion from the wall. Up to three participants may work individually within the given dimensions, but horizontally on the floor. The works do not have to be finished artworks, but can show a faculty member’s work in progress or research in a particular subject or topic to be developed further.

Exhibition Dates

8 Dec

Opening Reception

Wed / 8 Dec / 6:00pm


Free - Open invitation