Kate Terry: Open Forms

London-based artist Kate Terry creates thread installation art that is nearly invisible at first. Using colored thread, she creates subtle yet spectacular presence in an empty space.

British artist, Kate Terry, was born in Ontario, Canada in 1976. She studied sculpture at Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K. and received an MFA at the University of Guelph in Canada in 2002. Recent solo exhibitions include ‘Plan of the Present Work’, IMT Gallery (2011), ‘Reassuring Synthesis’, Small Space Gallery, Berlin (2010), ‘Empty Voluminous’, 1000000mph, London (2007), ‘Interference’, Mercer Union, Toronto, Canada (2007).

Group exhibitions include ‘Overt Exchange’, A.P.T. Gallery, London (2013); ‘Level’, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh College of Art (2012); Anschlüssel London/Berlin, Fruehsorge Contemporary Drawings, Berlin (2011); ‘Heart of Glass’, Shoreditch Town Hall, London (2008), and ‘A Life of Their Own’, curated by Richard Cork, Lismore Castle, Ireland, (2008).

Exhibition Dates

6 Nov – 24 Dec 2013

Opening Reception

Wed / 6 Nov / 6:00pm


Free - Open invitation


VCUQatar Gallery