Myles Pepper : Crossing Boundaries

"Cementing Relations at Home and Developing Relations Abroad". This lecture is presented in association with Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Myles Pepper’s 40 years long career in the arts and business has enabled him to build up a wealth of experience in the fields of promotion, facilitating and presenting which has enabled him to play key roles in cementing and developing successful relations at home and abroad. His work in these fields has been acknowledged by the wide range of public appointments he has held including being a signatory to the Royal Charter for the Arts Council of Wales. Other public bodies he has served on or consulted for include the Arts Lottery, the former Welsh Arts Council, Dyfed County Council, Gwynedd County Council, the Crafts Councils of Ireland, the Crafts Council in London, Wales Tourist Board and the Welsh Development Agency. 

Over the last 25 years Pepper has used the peripheral position of Pembrokeshire to make it central to creating greater links between Wales and Ireland through the medium of culture. He has directed this project in Wales since its inception in 2004. With successful outcomes established, his aim is now to sustain and build on these development opportunities and also to open links with other countries, which thus far have included Slovakia, Switzerland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Lecture Dates

20 Nov


Free - Open invitation


VCUQatar Atrium