Wavelength Lecture by Akram Zaatari

Filmmaker, photographer, and archival artist Akram Zaatari will be giving the next Wavelength lecture. Wavelength is an online lecture series that is a collaboration between VCUarts, the ICA, and VCUarts Qatar. It will take place on Tuesday, January 26 at 8pm.

Zaatari’s work is tied to the practice of collecting. He is deeply invested in researching photographic practices in the Middle East, examining how photography served to shape notions of aesthetics, postures and social codes. He is interested in looking at the present through a wealth of past photographic records.

Zaatari has been focusing since 1999 on the archive of Studio Shehrazade in Saida, Lebanon, studying, indexing, and presenting the work of photographer Hashem el Madani (1928–2017) as a register of social relationships and of photographic practices.

Zaatari’s work reflects on the shifting nature of borders and the production and circulation of images in the context of the current political divisions in the Middle East. His videos and photographic installations look into technologies of image production and communication and the notions of surveillance, exploring the way different media apparatuses get employed in the service of power, resistance, and memory.

This lecture will be moderated by Noah Simblist, Chair and Associate Professor, from VCUarts in Richmond.

Photograph by Marco Milan.

Register now at https://icavcu.org/events/wavelength-akram-zaatari/

Lecture Dates

26 Jan


Free - Open invitation