We’re In The Same Room

A group exhibition featuring artworks by six Painting & Printmaking seniors from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar

Artists: Habeeb Mohammed Abu-Futtaim, Corinna Seto, Ayaz Abdur Rauf, Fatima Mohammed, Fatima Elzahraa and Nagiya Moideen.

As senior students from the Painting and Printmaking department at VCUQ prepare to graduate, they learn and explore the different ways in which they can present their work as a part of their broad and versatile curriculum. This show is the outcome of an all-student effort in realizing and putting together the students' personal investigations thus far. 

The six senior students represent an expansive array of works within a holistic discipline. In these explorations the students have been invested in over the last three years, a rather diverse spectrum of ideas have been developed. Distinctive languages and methodologies have been explored and accomplished. Within these inquiries we find the use of color as an abstract language, vivid visualizations of memories, collection of data as a means of exerting presence, attempts of institutional critique on beliefs, identity and nations through examination of historical narratives.

VCUQatar and Katara Art Center share a vision for an artistic community in Qatar that embraces, supports and champions the work of emerging young artists. Through numerous previous collaborations between VCUQatar and Katara Art Center students and faculty have been enriched and their work brought to new audiences through exhibitions, book launches, film screenings, internships and workshops. 


Exhibition Dates

30 Nov – 7 Dec 2015

Opening Reception

Mon / 30 Nov / 6:00pm


Free - Open invitation


Katara Art Center, Project Space - Building 5, Katara Cultural Village