Graduate Sponsorship Research Award (GSRA)


As one of QRLP’s tracks, GSRA underpins the journey of building human capital by supporting outstanding prospective students to undertake graduate research-based studies that will help them pursue doctoral degrees at approved institutions inside Qatar or elsewhere. 

Program Description

QRLP-GSRA supports outstanding graduate candidates by offering them competitive scholarships to undertake research-based graduate studies towards master’s and doctoral degrees at both local and international approved institutions. Graduate candidates must develop and implement research projects that 

  • (a) address scientific questions relevant to Qatar’s research mission, strategy, and grand challenges, and
  • (b) broaden participation in Qatar’s research ecosystem. 


  • Nationality:
    • Qatari nationals
    • Applicant of Qatari mothers
    • Qatari document holders
    • Individuals married to Qatari nationals
    • Born in Qatar and been residents of Qatar for 10 years or more
    • Residents of Qatar for 12 years or more

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