Graphic Design (Ministry of Public Health)


The Emergency Response Command Structure in Qatar includes a dedicated National COVID-19 Scientific Research and Reference (SRR) Taskforce that supports the Health Strategic Command Group to make evidence-based decisions. The COVID-19 SRR Taskforce aims to follow recent and emerging literature and conduct national research, both epidemiological and clinical to better inform actions which can mitigate risk, deliver the best available treatment to COVID-19 patients and save lives.


As defined in the SRR Taskforce’s ToR, a COVID-19 Resource Centre will be set up to disseminate information and new data on the epidemic. This will provide the health community, at national, regional and international levels with access to scientific evidence and to the scientific outputs of the SRR Taskforce and its working groups. In view of ongoing epidemiological, surveillance and clinical research conducted on COVID-19, this will help position Qatar as a regional/global scientific research, technological innovation and knowledge hub for healthcare.

Target Audience

● COVID-19 response stakeholders
● Health community (Qatar, regional and international)
● General public

Essential Functions

Design basic elements of corporate identity (logo, typeface, imagery and style guide) on volunteering basis.


Talented and creative graphic designer/s with proven ability to deliver a similar project.

Application Details

Email Career Services Coordinator, Noor H. AlOraidi, to advise you on the application process.