Portfolio Development Class

Fall 2020

Get an edge on your portfolio and choose one of four non-credit portfolio development classes designed to help high school students acquire the skills necessary to prepare admissions portfolios. 

Here is the link for registration - https://www.qatar.vcu.edu/community/register-online/

To Contact us - 

Email: VCUQcommunity@vcu.edu

WhatsApp: +974 30133448

For Fall 2020 we are offering four classes - 

A) Portfolio Development Class A

Instructor: Asma Ul Hosna 

No. of Classes: 8 

Days: Sundays 

Start Date: 4th Oct 2020

End Date: 22nd Nov 2020 

B) Portfolio Development Class B

Instructor: Yeon Geong Hwang 

No. of Classes: 8 

Days: Mondays 

Start Date: 19th Oct 2020 

End Date: 7th Dec 2020 

C) Portfolio Development Class C

Instructor: Yang Soon Ju

No. of Classes: 8 

Days: Tuesdays 

Start Date: 3rd Nov 2020 

End Date: 22nd Dec 2020 

D) Portfolio Development Class D

Instructor: Majdulin Majed

No. of Classes: 8 

Days: Wednesdays 

Start Date: 18th Nov 2020 

End Date: 6th Jan 2021 

All classes are open to both women and men and unless otherwise noted are taught in English and all classes will be held Online due to the current Covid -19 and we prioritize the safety of the students first. 

Attendance will be mandatory for certificate issuance.

Refunds cannot be processed if the cancellation was less than a week after the start of classes

Questions can be emailed to VCUQcommunity@qatar.vcu.edu

All proceeds are donated to the VCUQatar scholarship fund.  Fees are based on both instructor contact hours and materials.

Virginia Commonwealth University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.

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