Terms & Conditions

Questions can be directed to vcuqcommunity@vcu.edu or to 4402 0631


  • Starting from 25th April 2018 - register and pay securely online at www.qatar.vcu.edu or pay in person at VCUarts Qatar between 10 am and 12 pm or 2 pm and 3:45 pm on workdays (from Sunday through to Thursday)
  • Registration generally closes one week prior to the respective classes starting. However, registration continues until classes sell out
  • Seats are limited and can only be reserved with full payment
  • Please ignore any starting dates on your Ticket or Invoice - your class will be held as per the schedule stated on the community education web page, unless otherwise notified via email.
  • Classes require a minimum participant number, which varies according to the course. VCUarts Qatar reserves the right to cancel classes when not enough participants have registered or in case of unforeseen circumstances prior to the actual start of classes. Already paid fees will be refunded in that case
  • Approximately one week prior to your class starting, you will receive an email from VCUarts Qatar confirming your class or updating you on the status of the class, in addition to the email from Xing enclosing your invoice and ticket.
  • Basic materials have to be purchased and brought along for each class by the course participant as per the list provided for each class
  • Please buy your materials only after VCUarts Qatar has confirmed your class.
  • Should a class be canceled, you can either switch to another still available class, keep the credit for the next program or request a refund


  • Refunds are only provided if requested a minimum one week prior to a given program starting date (unless a class is canceled from VCUarts Qatar side).
  • VCUarts Qatar does not provide refunds in cash. All refunds will be processed either through back booking if you have used the online registration option with a credit card / PayPal or through a direct bank deposit into your local bank account
  • Even though we process refunds within 24 hours, credit card refunds may take up to one month from the last date of classes
  • An admin fee of $10-$20 is usually charged for refunds.
  • Class transfers (transferring payment to the next season) are only permitted 3 days prior to the class start date. Payment can only be transferred once. 


  • Certificates for the programs will be handed out during the last class to students who have attended at least 80% of the classes
  • Certificates will be available thereafter to these students for four weeks only at VCUarts Qatar
  • This program only offers attendance certificates. 


  • Virginia Commonwealth University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution
  • Classes are open to both male and female participants over the age of 15, unless otherwise stated
  • Unless otherwise noted, classes are taught in English
  • All communication is generally done via email – a valid email address must be made available to VCUarts Qatar at the time of registration
  • Images of course work prepared in, or for a community class delivered at VCUarts Qatar, may be used for educational or promotional materials such as: VCUarts Qatar’s archival database, VCUarts Qatar’s websites, VCUarts Qatar promotional publications.

Health and Safety

  • Equipment and supplies used in VCUarts Qatar Community Classes can represent a hazard if misused 
  • The instructor will inform students in the proper safety procedures and the proper use of tools and equipment throughout the class 
  • Students are expected to abide by these safety regulations and to incorporate health and safety procedures into their art making processes while working in art studios.