A collection of vibrant, colorful, and inciting works by Indonesian graffiti artists Vendy Methodos and Ismu Ismoyo that portrays social and political issues that are compounded by the mass public through social media.

Through a menagerie of imagery and iconography, the artists reflect a mirror-like vision of some darker truths, or mis-truths, that exist within us all.The exhibition will feature a series of works by each artist in several mediums, combining fine art, stencil, and traditional batik techniques. In addition, two wall-sized graffiti murals will be created collaboratively; one during their weeklong stay at VCUQatar, and a second “live” mural during the opening of the event. 

This exhibit is curated by Melanie McClintock, who previously collaborated with the artists on a two-year project, Indoartamiks, in Bayat, Indonesia, to inspire innovation in traditional crafts through graffiti.

Opening hours:

Saturday to Thursday - From 9am to 5pm

Friday - Closed

Exhibition Dates

7 Sep – 22 Oct 2016

Opening Reception

Wed / 7 Sep / 6:00pm


Free - Open invitation