Gina Hunt

Liquid Crystal + Polymer

With the generous support of the Qatar Foundation, The Painting and Printmaking Department is proud to showcase the VCUQatar Fellowship and the work of this year fellow Gina Hunt. Each year the program selects two artists at varying stages of their careers to become artists in residence at VCUQatar. 

Gina Hunt makes abstract paintings as an interdisciplinary platform to research the complexities and subjectivity of vision.  Her solo exhibition Liquid Crystal + Polymer features a body of work that involves screens as a conceptual platform for investigation. While in residence at VCUQatar, Hunt has been researching screens of different scales, from the barely perceptible grid of the digital screen, to the small, tessellated grid of the warp and weft of textiles, to the architectural patterns of window screens, which our bodies inhabit and physically encounter.

The exhibition will feature a new body of work initiated and completed while in residence at VCUQatar, including large-scale paintings and installation.


Exhibition Dates

10 Apr – 16 Apr 2016

Opening Reception

Sun / 10 Apr / 6:00pm


Free - Open invitation