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To submit your Undergraduate Application Form online, please follow these instructions:

    • DefinitionA freshman applicant has completed the equivalent of 12 years or more of elementary and secondary schooling based on his/her country’s educational system; and 1) if applying to BA, has not attended any college/university, or 2) if applying to BFA, has not completed the college/university level equivalent of VCUQatar's Art Foundation program.
    • Instructions:
      • New first-time freshman applying to VCUarts Qatar must complete the Common Application. Please note that this link is active now until February 1.
      • Create a personal application account by signing in with your email ID and creating a password.
      • If you previously set up an account within VCUQatar’s Application System, e.g. for a previous application, please sign in with your former log-in details.
      • A pin code will be sent to your email address. Use the pin code to log on to the application portal.
      • Complete all required data fields in the web form on the application portal. You are able to edit the web form until you submit the application. 
      • Submit the completed online application, including its required components, by February 1. This is a strict deadline. No exceptions.
      • Submit the remaining application items by February 15. For more info, see “Application Requirements”.
    • Definition: A transfer has 1) if applying to BA, already completed course work at the higher education level (college or university), or 2) if applying to BFA, completed – as a minimum -  the college/university level equivalent of VCUQatar’s Art Foundation program.
    • Instructions:
      • Contact the Office of Admissions for the Non-Traditional Application for Admission Form at
      • Submit the completed application, including its required components, by May 15. This is a strict deadline. No exceptions.
  • CROSS REGistration Students

Currently, there is no fee to apply to VCUQatar as an undergraduate student.

YOU ARE NOT DONE YET!! There is much more to applying for admissions.

  • Read the information available to you in the sections Application Deadlines and Application Requirements under the Prospective Students tab. This will help you a long way forward towards submitting a successful application.

Office of Admissions

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