By 2022 the Department of Interior Design will be distinguished for quality education that promotes diversity, innovation, sustainability, and collaboration, that caters for the needs of a ‘glocal’ society.


The mission of the Interior Design Department is to nurture a culturally diverse learning and teaching experience. While imparting evidence-based design, the department underscores innovation, collaboration, and sustainability principles that address the needs of the ‘glocal’ contexts.

Program Goals

  1. To encourage critical thinking, exploration, and independent thinking that will lead to innovation and diversity of thought and expression even beyond graduation.
  2. To expose students to a design process that combines the intellectual process of creating with the physical process of making.
  3. To align the curriculum with professional interior design standards and practices in order to impart core competencies needed by graduating interior design students in the Middle East.
  4. To encourage students to value and understand their own design culture, while examining design knowledge and precedents of other cultures.
  5. To partner with the design industry and stay current with the profession through educational and research initiatives.
  6. To foster leadership and prepare our graduates to join a relatively young design community in which they have the opportunity to become the knowledge leaders.
  7. To nurture ties to our alumni and encourage their life-long learning.