Internship Program (Sidra Medicine)

Note: internships are put on hold but still accepting applications.


Sidra Medicine is offering internships in the following departments:

  1. Facilities Management
  2. Patient Experience

Essential Functions

Facilities Management (IDES major):

  • Room names verification for Hospital and OPC
  • Furniture types inventory and proposals for replacement
  • Patients Suites site supervision

Patient Experience (IDES major):

  • Design proposals to improve family areas
  • Design proposals for a nursery
  • Proposals to create a children-friendly environment for inpatient, out-patients, and emergency
  • Design proposals for children’s video booths
  • Design proposals for games room

Patient Experience (GDES major)

  • Design and printing supervision of patient and family guides for both children and women.               


  • GPA: student to hold a GPA of 2.5 or above
  • Preference is for Junior and Senior students

Application Details

  • How to apply: email Career Services Coordinator, Noor H. AlOraidi, to advise you on the application process.