OR1A) Introduction To Education & Outreach

This course will explore ideas and techniques to create meaningful experiences in museums. participants get introduced to skills to identify key audiences, educational programming planning, management, and evaluation.  

Class Outline

Session 1: An Abridged History of Education and Outreach

This session explores the role of Education and Outreach in museums historically, and how it has developed to where it is going. We will explore trends, approaches and strategies in learning and outreach programmes and how museums have used Learning and Outreach as a driving force in their growth. 

Session 2: Who needs you?

A session exploring how museums and galleries have identified audiences and partners to work with and how you can do the same. We will explore what has worked for organisations, and what perhaps hasn't been as successful and reflect on what a sustainable Education and Outreach programme looks like.

Session 3: A Structured Space

This session will explore the fundamentals of what you need to run a successful Learning and Outreach programme. We will discuss how to work with artists and creatives to bring museum collections to life, and how much funding programmes need.

Session 4: Evaluating Programmes

Looking at a range of audiences and needs, we will unpick what successful evaluation looks like and how it can be used in forward planning. 

Session 5: Your Museum Future

Reflecting on previous sessions, this one will focus on what you as an individual can do in your future museum career. Each participant will leave having identified what it is they want to do and where they might like to make a difference in the future of museums and their role within communities.

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Mon, 10 Jan, 2022
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Rosemary Jane Cronin

Rosemary Cronin was employed as a Young Curator at Tate Modern as part of the Raw Canvas program in 2006, Rosemary Cronin has continued as an artist, curator, and project manager, with a particular interest in socially engaged practice. Project managing and coordinating participatory projects for the National Portrait Gallery, Art on the Underground, and Museum of Brands, Rosemary has a passion to make art accessible for all, with particular experience of working with young people and vulnerable audiences. A fine art graduate from Chelsea College of Art & Design, as an artist Rosemary has facilitated projects for Tate, Victoria & Albert Museum, The Photographers’ Gallery, South London Gallery, and Watts’ Gallery.

Visit her website to know more!