SPP01) Introduction to Printmaking (Age +13)

This course is designed to develop technical as well as conceptual skills of artists in creative practice. Students will learn different printmaking techniques. The classes will place emphasis on creating prints that carry meaning. This will help the artist grow with the idea of approaching art practice with purpose. Students will receive a brief history of printmaking and how they can use the medium as artists today. They will experiment with and share their process during class discussions which will prepare them for the critique on their last day of class.

Class Outline

Class 1: What is printmaking? Introduction to Mono-printing. Create 3 different monoprints. Introduction to relief printing.

Class 2: Linoleum carving demonstration. Sketching & carving on Lino. What are print editions? Create 8 editions.

Class 3: Woodcarving demonstration. Brainstorm idea. Drawing on wood & carving. 

Class 4: Print 8 editions. Introduction to screen-printing. Coat screens.

Class 5: Drawing on acetate. Exposing drawing onto coated screen. Mixing ink. Print first layer.

Class 6: Print second layer. Hang work on wall. Exhibition & critique. 

Please note: VCUQatar reserves the right to cancel classes for which not enough participants are registered. Already paid fees will be refunded.

Please do not purchase materials until VCUQatar has sent final course confirmation.

Items to buy for this class

Student materials: 

1- Mixed Media paper
2- Woodcarving tools

On occasions, there may be some more materials to be bought and brought in if and when advised by the instructor.

Where to buy your materials

Most of the materials are available from any art supply shop, for example:

  • Cass Art (Fire station): Community Classes students get a 15% discount upon presenting the registration ticket
  • Jarir Bookstore: on Rayyan Road or Salwa Road
  • Color Note: on Al Nasser Street
  • Ibn Al Qayyim: at Markhiya Roundabout
  • Al Rawnaq

Sold Out

Sat, 25 Feb, 2023
Sat, 1 Apr, 2023
1:00PM - 3:00PM
QAR 850


Salma Awad

Salma Awad is a practicing interdisciplinary artist who earned a BFA in Painting & Printmaking and a minor in Art History at VCUarts Qatar. In 2020, she explored jewelry as an art medium, and succeeded in selling her pieces online and at Farmers Market. In her recent studio practice, she paints and prints as a form of therapy. Salma has been active in her university years working with the VCUarts Qatar gallery and instructing her own workshops (on campus and at Fire Station Museum). She has engaged in group exhibitions at VCUarts, Art 29 and Al Hosh Gallery. Now she is working as an admissions counselor & a teacher assistant with the Painting & Printmaking department at VCUarts Qatar.