Innovative Media Studios

Mission Statement

The Innovative Media Studios (IMS) is dedicated to extended media education, the research of emerging technologies and creative exploration. In addition, IMS provides the VCUarts Qatar community with media equipment and studio spaces that encourage interdisciplinary application and inspire a wide range of experimentation.


The IMS is constantly exploring technology that has creative potential. We are available to assist you with technical guidance or to make suggestions on how to creatively execute particular objectives. Feel free to contact us to book a consultation. Please send an email to

IMS Facilities

IMS Guidelines and policies

IMS Facilities  

Room 224 IMS Editing Suite & VR Station
Room 226 Multi-purpose production studio, Vocal Recording booth
Room 226a Equipment Check-out room
Room 228 Photo Studio
Second Floor Workshop space, Multi-purpose, Soldering stations


P +974 4402 0578

Home to a large inventory of audio, video, and photography equipment available for checkout to currently enrolled students, faculty and staff. Reservations are for a period of seven days. A list of items can be found at this page: IMS Equipment List.

 Check-out Hours 


Sunday-Thursday 11am - 4pm


 Studio Open Hours - [Photo, Video, Vocal booth, Editing Suite] 


Sunday-Thursday 9am - 5pm


Studios can be booked outside of opening hours with special permission. Requests for access must be made at least 48 hours to clear security. For more complex projects that require special equipment, please fill out a project proposal form and book a consultation by emailing We advise at least a two weeks advance planning period for more complicated production needs.

Production Studio 226 +  Vocal Booth Rm 226 

A large room fitted with a LED panel lighting grid. The Production Studio is available for videography/photography and is equipped with several types of stands, hand clamps and sandbags for A/V production. Extra equipment can be reserved via Cheqroom. Please see below for instructions on check-out procedures. Please consult an IMS staff if you are unsure about using studio equipment.

Equipment Room 226a

Current opening hours for Fall 2022 - Sunday-Thursday 11-4 PM

Students may come in person during opening hours to reserve or pick up equipment. For reservation instructions please see below.

The IMS equipment room houses a variety of multimedia equipment such as high-end photography and video production cameras, lighting kits, and audio recording equipment. Staff is on hand for technical and artistic consultation.

Consultations and equipment can be booked through Cheqroom - see below for instructions.




Editing Suite Room 224

2 Editing stations fitted with 2 high-end Mac computers for powerful rendering capabilities. Please book a time to use one of the Editing Stations.

Workshop Area - Room 390 [second floor across from Writing Center]

Multipurpose room for physical computing projects with Tinkering space for audio and visual technology projects.

Photography Studio 228

Photography Studio space with a variety of backdrops, hanging flash-head studio lights and accessories for a professional photo shoot. Great for portraiture, still life, fashion, and portfolio shoots. Please reserve via Cheqroom. IMS staff is at hand to assist you with setting up technical equipment, however, we are not able to provide assistance on shoots or camera operations. Please provide your own photographer and assistants for your shoot.


Check out procedures on the Library website:

  1. Please sign the consent form: IMS Consent Form.
  2. You can sign into Alma with your VCU ID and password. 

  3. You must come to pick up the equipment with your VCU ID.

  4. To book studio space please send an email to

  5. To book a consultation with IMS staff on specific projects needs, please email 

  6. Please note, that all after-hour studio requests must be requested via email 48 hours in advance for security clearance.

  7. All project support or IMS collaboration requests must be submitted two weeks in advance using the Project Proposal Form.


Joshua Rodenberg
Head Of Innovative Media Studios
4402 0555

Erika Tsuchiya
Innovative Media Studios Coordinator

IMS general email and equipment room: