You can book an appointment with a Librarian or a Writing Center tutor,  or request an item from the Library here. Select the desired service from the “How do I box” below.

The Library is committed to helping faculty and students access the services and resources they need for their teaching and learning. Librarians are available to work one-on-one with students and faculty via Zoom. We can help you find the sources you need, develop your information fluency skills, navigate the research process efficiently, and cite that research correctly. Library books may be requested directly through the library system.

VCUQ students, faculty, and staff can check out equipment by reserving items through IMS Equipment Reservation Catalogue. Equipment must be reserved at least 48 hours before scheduled pick-up time. Requestors will receive an email confirmation when items are on hold. 

VCUQ students, faculty and staff can book a consultation with the Materials Library for any inquiries or discussions about your projects.

The VCUarts Qatar Writing Center offers one-on-one writing support for students in any discipline ranging from preliminary planning through all the steps of the writing process.