Borrowing Media Equipment

Borrow equipment from the Innovative Media Studio

Housed in the VCUQatar Libary system the MaML Innovative Media Studio is comprised of a variety of equipment, spaces and software packages for realizing ideas in the fourth dimension – time + motion. Facilitating the production of time-based and interactive work, this facility contains a variety of industry standard studio production equipment, a ProCyc 4FS Cyclorama green screen, 7 post-production editing stations and multiple fleets of portable equipment. This facility provides students, faculty and staff with the necessary tools for an integrated workflows, serving as a resource to investigate strategies and techniques relevant to time-based and interactive media. 

General Policies and Procedures

The MaML Innovative Media Studio provides media equipment and facility access for academic and artistic purposes to students, faculty and staff who have been trained and authorized. Access to the equipment and facilities is provided in order to support the teaching and learning initiatives within the various academic programs. Access to equipment and facilities carries the responsibility for their proper use and care. VCUQatar recognizes that most students are responsible and thoughtful users. The actions of a few irresponsible users, however, can disrupt and interfere with the right of all users. 

Resources and facilities are available to all programs. Programs are encouraged to plan curricular integration of these resources a semester in advance of planned use. Beyond preplanned use the MFA program is generally given priority for use of this equipment. Pending availability, other students, faculty and staff may access the equipment and facilities. Please see Diane Derr in room 224 to develop plans to integrate these resources in a course, project or program and for any additional information.

Availability - Summer 2014 - STUDIO AND EQUIPMENT IS UNAVAILABLE. Please Contact Diane Derr with any questions or concerns 

Availability of equipment for Fall 2014 is not yet finalized. 


  • Allow at least five minutes to check out equipment. When returning equipment, wait until your checkout is cleared from the computer or a suspension may result.
  • All portable camera equipment must be set up by the user before being released. This is to ensure you leave with working equipment. Allow extra time for this process.
  • ALL equipment is due back by the specified time. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Equipment checked out may be renewed or extended - pending availability and maintenance needs.

Access Policies

  • Portable gear is available to authorized students, faculty and staff 
  • Portable gear is available on a first come, first serve basis
  • Portable gear may not be reserved. 
  • Renewal must be made in person. Telephone call-ins and emails are not be accepted.

Suspension and Fine Policy

PLEASE NOTE: Suspensions and fines are enforced and can interfere with course projects.

  • Suspensions are not waived.
  • Suspensions are enforced for lateness and equipment abuse.
  • Suspensions last for the duration of a month.

ALL equipment is due back by the specified time - NO EXCEPTIONS

3 late returns = Suspension of Equipment Use for ONE MONTH

Missing cables and/or damaged gear WILL result in a fine for the cost of a replacement (in accordance with University Policy)

Location: MaML Innovative Media Studio is in Room 226 and 226B, and the physical computing lab is in room 370.

Help: For questions contact: Diane Derr, Curator, MaML Innovative Media Studio, student workers listed above, or staff at the library help desk.

Available Equipment

Editing Suites 

  • 2.66 ,7GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeo, 16GB 
  • Nvidia Quadro FX 4800 video card 
  • Fibre Channel Card 
  • Sony HVR-M35E HDV/DV Deck (1) 
  • 24’ Apple Cinema Displays 
  • 24’ Sony LMD2451-W LCD Monitor 
  • Mackie, HR 624 Audio Monitors 
  • Final Cut Server with XSAN & VTRAK RAID

Physical Computing

  • Portable Kits
  • Various Arduino Boards, LCD Modules
  • Breakout Boards, Component Parts, 
  • and Sensors 

Video and Still 

  • 15 HD and SD Canon Video Cameras 
  • (6) Canon XF305
  • (1) Canon HDV XL H1S
  • (8) Canon Legria HF200 
  • 13 Nikon Still Cameras 
  • (8) Nikon P100 
  • (3) Nikon D3x 
  • (2) Nikon D700
  • 28 Various Microphones and Audio 


  • (4) Marantz PMD660, DAT recorders
  • (6) Sony ECM77-B, Lavalier Mics
  • (4) Sennheiser ME66/K6, Boom Mic Kits
  • (8) Rode, Compact Video Camera Shotgun
  • (4) Sennheiser MD42- Dyn. Omnidirectional
  • (2) Coles Lip Mic
  • 7 Portable Light Kits
  • (4) LitePanel, On-Camera, Micro Pro Hybrids
  • (1) LitePanel, 1x1 Flood Daylight
  • (2) Ican Light Stands

Production Studio

  • ProCyc 4FS Cyclorama 
  • Lighting Pipe Grid with 23 LED LitePanels 
  • 1 – 15x1 Flood Daylight
  • 4 - 1x1 bi-focus - daylight spot/superspot
  • 3 - 1x1 B-Focus - daylight spot/flood
  • Manfrotto Shooting Table (79 x 49»)