BY: Esra Kazem

BEYOND THE STATED FUNCTION: Showcasing, through everyday objects, social obstacles imposed on Qatari


This critical design project showcases obstacles that the Qatari culture and society impose on their female youth, hindering them from becoming independent individuals. It critiques the society and its social pressures. It stimulates people to think by challenging narrow assumptions and perceptions. The uncovering of those assumptions can provoke action. This study highlights the effects of social perception and judgment, family authority, and gender favoritism, on the Qatari female youth. It intends to stimulate their awareness and then, through them, it communicates this impact to the society in a seemingly humorous way. Humor is used because it often can bring complex matters to people in simpler and more acceptable language. Through means of critical design, personal everyday objects, and humor, the project aims to communicate the social and cultural forces which impede Qatari female youths' becoming individuals who dream, achieve, and thrive.

The critically designed personal everyday objects are hybridized accessories and fashion items embedded with a meta-meaning that arouses curiosity, invites questions, and stimulates thoughts. Through the design of these appealing, high quality, and functionally viable everyday personal objects, the project highlights Qatari female youths’ individuality. This Individuality contributes to their becoming the foundation that Qatar will need to depend on to achieve its National Vision 20301.The project values culture and tradition, while calling to consciousness those cultural and societal practices that obstruct the development of young Qatari female individuals and their critical thinking abilities.

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