BY: Islam Shehab




Throughout history, skin manipulation was primarily practiced for cultural, tribal, or religious purposes. In the contemporary landscape, skin manipulation has been objectified and commercialized. This is exemplified through bio-upholstery, foreign materials under our skin and changing the skin structure.

This thesis investigates skin manipulation, with the intent to focus experimentation on the skin’s lines of cleavage, a topographical map drawn on our skin and used to define the direction where skin has the most and least flexibility. The aim is to connect and explore materials that can be used as a second skin, while at the same time examining and utilizing the lines of cleavage found within the structure of skin.

The focus of this thesis is to examine the potential of different materials, as a second skin that enhances our skin and its properties of protection. Through experimentation I aim to explore an alternate second skin’s function, through a series of experiments that address flexibility, protection, and memory.

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