Minor in Film and Design

In addition to declaring a major at VCUarts Qatar, students can now choose to minor in Film and Design (FLD), a joint program with Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q). 

By choosing the minor, students will be able to specialize in time-based media production. They will not only be able to make use of the expertise across VCUarts Qatar’s disciplines, but they will also be able to utilize faculty and resources at Northwestern University in Qatar. 

To complete the minor, students must take 18 credits from the approved minor courses - many of which may also count towards a student’s major or general education requirements. Six of those credits must be taken from Northwestern University in Qatar’s approved FLD program. 

The courses offered this semester are listed in the document at this link

The courses include Film and Design Studio, Digital Imaging, Sound Design, History of Hollywood CinemaComputer Animation, Foundations of Screenwriting, Directing Actors, and much more. 

To declare the FLD minor, contact Enrolment and Registration Services