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23 October, 2008

Alumna and Students Invited to Submit Videos

Alumna and students are invited to submit short videos for the Celebrate 10 Years of Excellence Video Contest.

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar invites alumna and current students to Celebrate 10 years of accomplishments by making a promotional video. In September of 1998 the very first classes began at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar. The year 2008 marks the university's ten year anniversary in academic excellence in design education. On this occasion VCUQatar is inviting its creative alumna and students to produce a brief video between 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

The winning videos will be shown to the VCUQatar students, faculty and staff and may be used to promote the university at regional events. The videos may also be showcased on the VCUQatar website. Contestants are asked to produce a short video that answers one of the below questions:

  • What does design mean?
  • What design means to me as a student or alumna?
  • What design is doing for Qatar?
  • What is VCUQatar's impact on Qatar or the region?

The prizes are: First Place; High Definition Sony Camcorder HDR-SR11E, Second Place: Sony Digital Camera DSC-H10 and Third Place; Apple Ipod Nano. All entrants are encouraged to make a video to address the above questions in a manner easily understood by the lay-person. Contestants may use humor, animation, design elements and creativity to depict their ideas and must own or acquire all rights to all content of the video and be willing to let VCUQatar use their submission. Only one entry per individual is accepted.

Entries will be judged by VCUQatar administration on originality (30%), being easily understood by the general audience (30%) and creativity in presenting the idea using video (40%). Submissions should be in PAL format at 640x480 resolution or higher. Standard playable PAL DVD, QuickTime, and MP4 format files are accepted. Deadline for submissions is Thursday October 30, 2008 at 1600. The submissions must be handed in, in-person along with the application form to Ms. Nadia Abu Dayeh in the Marketing and Public Relations office.