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HBKU Press Highlights Autism Awareness Through Studies

September 24, 2017
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HBKU Press’s online, open-access platform, QScience.com, sheds light on the correlations with and the prevalence of Autism through multiple studies published from the Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference Proceedings. A study co-authored by our Chair of Interior Design is published on QScience.com

The study “Neuroscience and Interior Architecture: Impact on Autism,” by Mohamed Cherif Amor (from VCUarts Qatar) and Ahmed Elsotouhy (a neurologist at Hamad General Hospital) used an experimental design with two aims: firstly, to compare behavioral and neural responses of autistic subjects exposed to three types of fluorescent lighting, and secondly, to investigate the impact of different color temperatures on brain regions that have minimal neural activity for people with Autism.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder, which encompasses deficits in social communication and interactions, as well as repetitive and restrictive behavior.

The findings of this study provide insights which can be used to better the planning for providing the health care facilities, needed to detect and manage this disorder.

This study, as well as other relevant articles, are collected into a new feature in which publications about a specific subject are readily available in one place to allow for more focused research. 

Dr. Alwaleed Alkhaja, Senior Editor at HBKU Press, said, “….this collection includes many of the innovative sources found on QScience.com – an easily accessible outlet for both researchers and the general public. QScience.com is an informational hub that allows for the exploration of not only Autism, but a multitude of current, relevant issues in our world.”