06 October 2018

Interior Design Junior Students in Le Mirage Real Estate “Designs for Life” Competition

Interior Design program junior students recently went on a site visit to the luxury Le Mirage Citywalk project in Doha

Junior students from our Interior Design program are taking part in a competition titled "Designs for Life" to design the interior of a two-bedroom apartment at the Le Mirage Citywalk project. 

The students will have to give special attention to aspects such as sustainability principles, uni versal design, cultural influences, and other important creative features. The students will have to consider all of the aspects of a 118-square meter apartment, including lighting and furniture, universal design, the floor plan and layout, hallways, and the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom design features.

The competition gives the talented young designers of VCUarts Qatar's Interior Design program a fantastic opportunity to showcase their skills and share their designs with the world. 

Amer Fares, the Chief Executive Officer of Sharaka Holdings, the parent company of Le Mirage Real Estate said: "Le Mirage and Sharaka believe that this collaboration brings the company's mission into a more concerted focus while realizing the greater goal of contributing towards the development of Qatar's youth and future. 

“Sustainability is at the core of our business and the “Designs for Life” competition together with the design award aligns with our goals of sustainability. Students are our future. The next generation of great minds who will continue the progression of established companies such as Le Mirage and the development of the wider industry and economy in line with Qatar National Vision 2030,” he added. 

Cherif Amor, the Chair of the Interior Design program at VCUarts Qatar explained that the competition entrants will be judged on their design intent, approach, and actual design, in addition to the realistic feasibility of their creations by an experienced and eminent panel of judges. 

He added that, "Our partnership with Le Mirage Real Estate finds impetus in VCUarts Qatar's strategic plan that calls for the development of projects and initiatives that takes VCUarts Qatar out into the community."

The competition is part of Le Mirage’s community and education outreach program and will provide the students with a great opportunity to put their skills and design knowledge to good use. 

Competition prizes will include a paid internship and a visit to a leading international interior design exhibition.

The winners will be announced in mid-December 2018.

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