28 February 2016

NASAD Members Visit VCUQatar

Three members of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) recently visited Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar (VCUQatar) as part of its reaccreditation process. NASAD is globally known for its extremely stringent criteria, and is the US national accrediting agency for art and design.

VCUQatar is a NASAD accredited institution and the visit was part of the tough review process, which all accredited institutions are required to undergo every 10 years.

The process is a yearlong activity involving all academic departments as well as other non-academic service departments. The accreditation process has three important phases:

  1. A self-evaluative description (self-study) of the institution

  2. An on-site review by a team of evaluators

  3. Judgment by an accreditation decision-making body, called a Commission. 

VCUQatar began its self-study process just about a year ago and submitted the final self-study in early January 2016. The report was followed by an on-site visit (February 22-23, 2016) by three external evaluators that are trained professionals from other US peer institutions. 

The report was very well received and the on-site review was a success. The report will go to the NASAD Commission, which will determine the re-accreditation that is expected in the Fall of this year.

NASAD has nearly 350 member schools, including Carnegie Mellon, Penn State, Purdue University, Notre Dame, as well as Virginia Commonwealth’s home campus.

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