07 April 2009

Renowned Qatari Architect Ibrahim Jaidah Donates Design Excellence Awards Scholarships

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar is proud to announce Ibrahim Mohammed Jaidah as the donor of the Excellence in Graphic Design Award and the Excellence in Interior Design Award. The honors will be bestowed upon the graduating seniors from the two programs during the Graduation Dinner held this year on 1 May, 2009.

This is the second consecutive year Mr. Jaidah, a renowned Qatari architect and Managing Director of Arab Engineering Bureau, is sponsoring the awards. “I am giving these awards to recognize and encourage talents that excel,” he said. His support to VCUQatar however predates these awards and goes as far back as 2005 when he was a speaker at VCUQatar’s annual design conference Tasmeem Doha. He was keynote speaker this year at VCUQatar’s Mousharaka Icograda Design Week earlier this year. Mr. Jaidah also hosted an exhibition entitled ‘Contemporary Architectural Development in Qatar: The Work of Ibrahim Jaidah and His Design Studio’ at the VCUQatar Gallery that ran in the Autumn of 2005. He has participated in VCUQatar’s Career Day events and has attended and evaluated the work of VCUQatar’s Interior Design students on several occasions. He continues to be committed to sharing his knowledge and experience with new generations of designers through the funding of these scholarships at VCUQatar and his other activities.

Ibrahim Jaidah graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1988, and worked for Qatar’s Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture as head of the Architectural Section before acquiring AEB. In 2005 he received the Award for State Encouragement, which is given for career achievement, and serves as a testament to his central role in shaping Qatar’s future and that of architecture in the region. Mr. Jaidah is a pioneer of a new movement in architecture that combines the far-reaching influences of Islamic art with a modern style. AEB’s work has led to several awards, including two other Arab Cities Awards and one Islamic Cities Award. Mr. Jaidah also serves as a guest speaker at universities and conferences throughout the region. He will soon be publishing a book charting the history of Qatari Architecture, followed by a second book chronicling the evolution of the AEB architectural style.

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