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06 March, 2008

Tasmeem 2008 Day Three

The day started off with Jill Dumain's presentation 'Design at an environment crossroads' Is there a choice?' The presentation discussed how environmental information is unavoidable in our daily lives.

"Everywhere we look there is some kind of instruction on how to change our habits so we have less of an impact on our fragile earth. Individuals, companies and even countries are at environmental crossroads" said Jill.

Mohammed Saeed Harib creator and Creative Director of Freej, the Middle East's first three-dimensional animated series that debuted during Ramadan in 2006 also gave a presentation today. Mohammed discussed the process and the challenges that went into making the Middle East's pioneering animated series and announced the plans for a Feej them park.

Sonia Ashour who established A|G interior design consultants in Al-Khobar discussed the reinterpretation of regional cultural heritage into a contemporary context. Her presentation illustrated the importance of analyzing and understanding the ingredients that influence this region in the hopes of developing relevant conceptual design studies for each individual project.

"Culture, tradition and religion are vital ingredients in the make up of the region. They govern everyday life. These vital ingredients have been neglected and over looked in the transformation to modernization where design solutions are alien to their environment." noted Sonia.

One of the highlights of the conference was a presentation given by Sheikh Majed Al Sabah. A member of the Kuwaiti royal family, Sheikh Majed has over the last decade become one of the most prominent retailers in fashion during his presentation Al Sabah discussed future projects that will be in Qatar including a project in Qatar Foundation and Villiagio Mall.