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05 March, 2008

Tasmeem 2008 Day Two

The day started with a presentation by Dee Dee Gordon entitled "The Peoples Renaissance' examined the burgeoning movement of great cultural change and creative achievement birthed by the mass global population.

"The unique technological advancements of the early 21st century created an unusual and unprecedented social climate allowing creative freedom and enthusiasm among everyday people" said Gordon.

Sadik Karamustafa the Turkish graphic designer presentation discussed the intersections of his existence as a graphic designer and interpreter of culture in Istanbul. "My work explores the cross roads of geography, identity, culture and the development of communication technologies and graphic design." explained the designer.

Karrie Jacobs's presentation was entitled "Looking for the 21st Century: A field guide to the contemporary urban landscape." The presentation identified a dozen symbols of 21st century urban life and discussed architectural innovation, technological culture, celebrity culture, the environment and security.

"Recently I attended the opening of an affordable housing complex in the Bronx, the New York borough that was once the symbol of urban decay. Up on the roof of this impeccable new building was an impressive photovoltaic array" explained Jacobs.

In his presentation Bernard Khoury discussed practices to use when designing for hyper capitalist environments. "Architects should think of their work as representations of the city, instead, they should be real players in the city. City planners think of the city through morphological terms, I think of a city as a set of experiences." said Khoury

Tomorrow presentations will be given Sonia Ashour, Sheikh Majed Al Sabah, Mohammed Harib and Jill Dumain.