25 October 2021

VCUarts Qatar Presents Public Lecture on Trend Forecasting Methodologies

Brand expert and semiologist Luca Marchetti to presentCrossing Boundaries talk next week

Whether you are an established business or a start-up, understanding the market and being able to predict trends is essential to thrive and be sustainable. Recognizing this, ‘Crossing Boundaries’, a lecture series held by VCUarts Qatar brings you a lecture by Luca Marchetti, a brand expert and semiologist. The online lecture will take place on Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 12:45pm, Qatar time, and is free to register for the public.

The lecture will provide the audience with an understanding of how research processes and prediction methodologies are crucial not only to fashion and design, but to businesses in general.

Participants will be able to learn more about analysis and foresight methodology developed by the trend forecasting agency ‘THE PROSPECTIVISTS’, co-founded by Marchetti in 2019. Their approach decrypts emerging signs, cultural relevance and manifestations to forecast what they will mean for brands, in the future.

During the lecture, Marchetti will explain basic methodological principles to discover the key evolving challenges that impact people’s lives, habits and behaviors. He will do this by giving the audience real life examples from the industry through various case studies related to art, pop culture, luxury and retail space design.

Explaining the lecture further and what the audience will gain from it, Isabelle St-Louis, Manager, Exhibitions and Lectures, VCUarts Qatar, said, “Trend Forecasting is becoming more and more relevant in business practice, especially in the fashion sector. Its importance in decision making cannot be overlooked by brands and designers.”

She further added, “Which designer wouldn’t want to know the future of his/her business? In this lecture, Luca Marchetti will reveal a part of his methodology and tools to help every designer predict that. He will show how identifying sources and recognizing patterns among customers can make it possible for businesses to predict future trends, and adapt their strategies accordingly.”

Marchetti is a senior lecturer at the Institut Français de la Mode in Paris since 2004, at the University of Bologna (Italy) and at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris in the context of the Master on “Creative industries” co-directed with the luxury group LVMH. He also works internationally as a brand consultant and event curator for brands or museums and regularly collaborates with magazines such as Vogue or Revue. 

He recently published (ed.) Fashion Curating / La Mode Exposée: Understanding Fashion through the Exhibition (HEAD Publisher, 2017) and Exhibit! Fashion on display: exhibitions and brand spaces (with Simona S.-Reinach, Mondadori-Pearson, 2020).

For over a decade, VCUarts Qatar has enhanced Qatar’s art and design scene through its ‘Crossing Boundaries’ lecture series. The series offers the public a chance to interact with and be inspired by world-class designers who – through the application of design thinking across multiple disciplines – present their perspectives for innovative solutions to global concerns.

Register now at https://gallery.qatar.vcu.edu/luca-marchetti/ 

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