24 June 2020

VCUarts Qatar Researchers Awarded HBKU Grant for VR-Based Education Development

A proposal submitted by three researchers from VCUarts Qatar to develop a virtual reality-based model of education has been awarded a grant by Hamad Bin Khalifa University.

The VR-based project – titled "Reimagining Education Beyond COVID-19 With Virtual Embodiment" – addresses the main challenges in the global education system, and can be adapted to both blended and remote learning environments within Qatar.

Additionally, the model will also help education leadership and faculty overcome the intimidation of using cutting-edge technology and software in classroom settings.

All three researchers – Sherin Karawia, Assistant Instructor, VCUarts Qatar; Mona Kassem, Instructional Technologist and Information Technology Analyst, VCUarts Qatar; and Mariam Rafehi, Adjunct Faculty at Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) and VCUarts Qatar – have previously worked on various projects that explore the applications of technology in education.

The investigation will be carried out as a collaboration between VCUarts Qatar and NU-Q; the model will be tested on student cohorts at both universities over the fall semester.

The outcome of this project will be a web-based resource that will explain how the VR model can be adopted by the wider education community within Qatar.

Sherin Karawia, Assistant Instructor, VCUarts Qatar

Mona Kassem, Instructional Technologist and Information Technology Analyst, VCUarts Qatar

Mariam Rafehi, Adjunct Faculty at NU-Q and VCUarts Qatar

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