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09 October, 2007

VCUQ Alumni prepares for Ph.D

Fashion Alumni Hend Al Moghunni has recently returned from Manchester UK where she completed a Masters Degree in Textile Technology.

Hend developed a love of textiles from an early age, before she joined VCUQ, she used to make her younger sister's school uniforms and then went on to design and create evening dresses for herself and her family. Her parents recognized this passion and talent that Hend had and encouraged her to join VCUQ, where she could get supervision and mentoring to channel this talent.

"The experience I gained at VCUQ was way above my expectations. And my love for fashion grew deeper during the four years I spent there. My professors, classmates and I, became like one big family. As students, we all shared the fear of our poor English letting us down, but as our English improved we grew in the presence of our professors. I also loved learning the new concepts of design from visiting lecturers from the US and other countries. " said Hend of her experience at VCUQ.

After graduating from VCUQ, Hend worked on a project at the Social Development Centre, where she worked on designing and producing uniforms. This provided her with a good opportunity to see the production stage of fashion design and the challenges of setting up a small business. After that project, Hend went on to work for FITCH, the London design studio which is based in Qatar Foundation.

Following her stint at FITCH Hend, decided to persue a master's degree at the University of Manchester in Textile Technology. During her course she gained a deep understanding of the way textiles are produced, their end uses and the assembly of yarns, this built on her design background.

Within the next month Hend will be going back to Manchester to pursue her ph.D.

"Hend was a phenomenal student, creative, hard working and extremely intelligent. I'm not surprised that she has done so well in the Manchester Masters Program and I'm certainly not surprised that she'll be pursuing her ph.D at the same institution. I talked to her the other day and I found myself beaming with pride as we chatted about her experiences over the past year. We are so fortunate to have her join us here at her home, VCUQ, even if only for a short time. I look forward to the day that she completes her studies and joins the VCUQ faculty. We would be so fortunate to have her." said a proud Sandra Wilkins VCUQ Chair of Fashion Design.