26 April 2009

VCUQatar Announces Tenth Annual Fashion Show Guest Designer Hebah Al Hasan

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar is pleased to announce young Bahraini fashion designer Hebah Abdulaziz Al-Hasan as the guest designer for the Tenth Annual Fashion Show which is open to the public on 30 April, 2009 at 7:00 PM.

Budding Bahraini fashion designer Hebah Abdulaziz Al-Hasan’s work carries an East meets West theme where her clothes are essentially modern, sporty and spirited but held together with an Eastern essence as a result of the fabric used throughout the pieces. Her designs for fashion-conscious women are comfortable, free-flowing and conservative, yet striking and sensual at the same time.

Inspired by the film ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ and her favorite contemporary designer, Matthew Williamson, Ms. Al-Hasan’s recent collection was a take on the silk kimono in combination with the beautiful and intricate Kashmiri work that she greatly admires and uses. Her forte is her ability to combine fabrics that come in a variety of eye-popping colors, textures and detail and she likes to add a touch of mysterious sensuality to her designs when creating her clothes. While the ubiquitous kimono and traditional Bahraini lady’s thobes (traditional dresses) are firm favorites, Ms Al-Hasan is also drawn to Western clothing including baby doll and empire dresses, as well as 1950s “waist-clenching” dresses and peasant skirts. She believes it is essential to cater to society’s needs and with her “fuku” garments – those that don’t show everything – allows women to be both comfortable, stylish and above all, confident.

Ms. Al-Hasan’s Hazah line’s butterfly label states her mission – Made with percent love and the logo is a mirror image of two butterflies, only separated by color – purple and pink, kissing. The message she wishes to convey is, “We are all the same inside regardless of our differences. Through love we should embrace these very differences that set us apart as individuals and unite to forge a pillar of strength”. Her designs with their bursts of color, simplicity, love, beauty and faith as symbols of hope, perfectly illustrate this ambition.

The daughter of a former ambassador to Jordan and Iraq, Ms. Al Hasan has a bachelor’s degree from the American University in Washington DC and in 2001 she received a certificate in interior design from New York’s Parsons School of Design.

She has recently signed an agreement with Seventh Heaven, a retail outlet in Bahrain’s Al A’ali Shopping Complex, which will carry her Hazah line on an ongoing and exclusive basis. She has also exhibited her creations in Kuwait to resounding success and looks forward to expanding her horizons and selling her clothing in other countries especially in the fashion capitals of the world.

Ms. Al-Hasan will be showing some of her work at VCUQatar’s Tenth Annual Fashion Show. The fashion show is part of the annual activities of VCUQatar’s fashion design program to develop the country’s growing fashion industry, with support from Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. The theme for this year’s show is entitled ‘Hekayat’ and comprises the stories the senior students weave together as they present their myriad collections. Doha is one of the most multi-cultured cities in the world and these influences will surely be reflected in the show. The fashion show starts at 7:00 PM on 30 April, 2009 and is open to the public.

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