19 March 2014

VCUQatar Announces its Fifteenth Annual Fashion Show ‘Center Front’

VCUQatar is pleased to announce the Fifteenth Annual Fashion Show, ‘Center Front’.

The event is hosted by Salam at The Gate Mall. The show is open to the public on Tuesday 15 April, Wednesday 16 April and Thursday 17 April, 2014 and starts at 6:30pm. Tickets are required for the event and can be bought online at www.qatar.vcu.edu.

‘Center Front’ showcases the work of VCUQatar fashion design sophomores, juniors and seniors, launching the latter from students into successful designers. The show will present a lineup of distinct and individual creative looks that the students have researched, experimented with, and now present to the audience. This celebration of fashion brings together spectators, friends, and fashion enthusiasts from the region, not only to judge and/or admire the collections of the students, but also for the unique atmosphere of this grand defilé.

VCUQatar’s annual fashion show, a traditionally sold-out event, will be held on Tuesday 15 April, Wednesday 16 April and Thursday 17 April, 2014 at The Gate Mall. Tickets are available online and guests must have a ticket to be seated. Seating opens at 5:30pm and concludes promptly at 6:20pm. Seating is open on a first come, first seated basis. For more information please call +974 44020555 or visit www.qatar.vcu.edu

File pic: VCUQatar's Fourteenth Annual Fashion Show Fingerprint

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