23 February 2009

VCUQatar announces Professional Speakers and Nabina Trading Est. as a Sponsor for Mousharaka

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar in partnership with Icograda is proud to announce the participation of Nada Debs and Delaware as professional speakers for the Mousharaka conference. Mousharaka will take place at VCUQatar from 28 February to 5 March, 2009.

Nada Debs has earned the reputation of the urban-chic interior designer who revels in her Arab roots while catering to a sophisticated global clientele. This well-earned status marks not only Ms. Debs’ evolution as a leading contemporary designer of the Middle East, but also her personal evolution as the modern Arab.

Ms. Debs grew up in Japan and went on to university in the US where she studied Interior Architecture at the esteemed Rhode Island School of Design. She moved to London in 1992 and successfully set up her design company working even on the children’s wings of the palaces in Amman. Ms. Debs moved back to Beirut in 1999 and launched the ‘East and East’ line of home furnishings in a bid to revive local handicrafts in ways that would culturally resonate with her contemporaries.

Ms. Debs remains at the cutting edge of the international design scene using materials very much in vogue such as acrylic and brushed concrete.  She has been lauded at design shows in Paris and London and has built up a faithful clientele spanning the continents. Her iconic floating stools can be found in almost every chic Beiruti home, and have even been the subject of contemporary artists’ work. She is constantly innovating and her latest designs have begun to incorporate other points of the “East,” including some Persian and Indian influences. Also, as a green mindset becomes globally essential, nature as inspiration remains an area of interest in her designs.

Delaware is, by their own definition, a "Japanese supersonic group that designs-rocks and rocks-designs." They also call themselves "Artoonists." Since 1993, the collaborative has displayed their retro-futurism across a range of contemporary products, including music CDs, CD-ROMs, commercials, magazines, T-shirts, websites, live shows, visual installations, posters, cross stitch and mobile phones. Founded by tape recordist, vocalist, lyricist, composer, art director, and designer Masato Samata, their style, a mixture of music and graphic design, has surprised audiences and viewers around the world, from New York and Barcelona to Tokyo. This technique was explored at "Mac Expo '98," where they exhibited a live A/V show with eight projectors and held the audience spellbound. In spring 2002, their graphic works appeared in JaPan Graphics in Barcelona. They have released eight albums till date, all of them inspired by Chuck Berry, Venus de Milo, and haiku.

VCUQatar is also proud to announce Nabina Trading Est. as a sponsor for Mousharaka. Founded in 1951 by the late Mohammad Ibraheem Nabina, Nabina Trading Est. encompasses all the necessities of a modern home under one roof. The establishment has always sought to attract high quality staff in order to maintain customers’ trust and confidence. They continue to diversify their activities through continuous contributions in real estate investment and ventures like the Nabina Souk.

Mousharaka / The Icograda Design Week in Qatar, presented by VCUQatar, is composed of the Education Symposium and the Professional Conference, where prominent speakers will share perspectives on design and design collaborations. VCUQatar is also spearheading the creation of MEDEA – the Middle East Design Educators Association - a platform for educators charged with getting the most out of design. For more information about Mousharaka, featured speakers and events, and to register please visit http://www.mousharaka.com/

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