27 February 2008

VCUQatar Announces Qatar Tourism Authority and Nabina as Tasmeem Sponsors

VCUQatar in partnership with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs proudly announced Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) and Nabina as sponsors of Tasmeem Doha 2008, its annual design conference. The international design conference will take place at VCUQatar from 3 – 6 March 2008 and is open to the public.

Launched in 2000, QTA’s role is to organize, enable and supervise tourism industry development in Qatar. They represent and promote Qatar as a quality tourism destination at international travel fairs, generate meetings and incentives and ensure overall coordinated tourism infrastructure development. QTA works closely with other government ministries and committees, associations and the community of Qatar. It gets actively involved in organizing events and promotions which positively reflect on the general image of Qatar as an evolving tourism destination.

In addition to promoting the leisure, business, education and sports sectors, QTA promotes the country as a family travel destination and an ideal place for wellness vacations with a focus on cultures, natural environment and outdoor pursuits.

For more than half a century, the name Nabina has been used in the fields of commerce and economy; a journey launched by the late Mohammad Ibraheem Nabina and later carried on by his sons Ahmad, Ibrahim and Abdel Aziz.  Nabina Trading Estate was founded in 1951 and has played a pioneering role in the trading of construction materials. Thanks to hard work, honesty and dedication, the activities of the establishment widened and encompassed many branches to the extent that its motto became “All the Necessities of the Modern Home Under one Roof”.
Tasmeem Doha 2008 open to the public, will include 13 international designers, breakout sessions, design exhibitions and panel discussions. Participants will include practitioners, design professors and students from academic institutions and facilities throughout the world.

The goal of Tasmeem Doha is to engage scholars, students, practitioners and community members in conversations on design. The students, staff and faculty at VCUQatar are looking forward to the fifth year of this annual conference and the international group of designers and professionals who will gather at the university to discuss design and its role in the future.

For more information about Tasmeem 2008 and featured speakers please visit http://www.tasmeemdoha.info

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