16 February 2009

VCUQatar co-sponsors ‘Embracing Humanity’ with Education City while hosting ‘Taste of Design’

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar co-sponsored ‘Embracing Humanity’ with Education City while hosting their own ‘Taste of Design’ event for Education City’s arts week. Arts week, 15 – 21 February, 2009, is a week long event meant to promote the importance of art to students and faculty from across EC.

As a main co-sponsor, VCUQatar’s involvement was seen with ‘Taste of Design’ hosted in the atrium on 15 February, 2009 between 5 – 7 PM. The well-attended event presented an interactive display of students’ works using mixed media and materials and saw the involvement of students from all the departments – Foundation, Graphic Design, Fashion Design and Interior Design. Abeer Al-Kubaisi (junior), Nawar Al-Mutlaq (sophomore) and Amna Darwish (freshman) used magazines, scissors, exacto knives and tape for their color wheel which helped familiarize students and guests with the significance and use of color. Fatima Al-Rumaihi, Zlatan Pedjlah, Hamza Abdel’al and Joe Bermajo drew caricatures for guests in exchange for a small donation to the Palestinian/Gaza cause. Maryam Al-Homaid’s portrait of a typeface, ‘Alpha Geometrique Square’ was inspired by how boxy the typeface looks.

Other students’ works included three oil paintings by Mohammed Al-Hamadi (part-time freshman)  - a desert version of ‘starry night’ , the second, a scenic view of Casablanca city, and the last, an abstract with random excerpts from Gibran Khalil Gibran’s book ‘the prophet’. Two of these works were sold at the event. Aisha Al-Suwaidi and Eman Al-Thani (both freshman) worked on ‘complimentary neutralization scale’ which showed the gradation of one complimentary color to the other. Three top photographs of winners, Hadeer Omar (first place), Ahmad Oustwan (second) and Mario Salinas (third), voted through flickr.com, were displayed on a board.

Students from the Interior Design department, as part of their assignment, displayed cardboard chairs, which were real life seats, to showcase their creativity using alternative materials. Small 3D models of living spaces were displayed on one of the tables. The concept according to Ramna Ghani was, “choosing a space in your apartment and re-designing it according to a favorite style – Greek, Chinese, French, etc.”

From the Fashion Design department Carla Mallari displayed unconventional textile designs, both on table and board, using gutta as a resistant to stop paint from spreading salt, thus creating an interesting effect on textile. Ahmad Al-Sayed had a multitude of fashion illustration sketches on full display that he said were, “preppy, metropolitan chic for the young and trendy, perfect for the New York working woman”.

Faculty member Tammy Moe, who supervised the event said, “One of the best things about this event, was the interesting textiles and board materials used in some of the artwork”. Taste of Design was made possible thanks to the tireless efforts of VCUQatar’s Student Affairs team. Senior students, Hala Akkawi, Natalie Touma and Cynthia Ibrahim Bitar spent countless hours overseeing the details to ensure the success of this event while Nasser Ahmad Al-Naama made sure it was given adequate coverage. “As an event coordinator for ‘Taste of Design’, it was a pleasure to work with all the students and gather their projects, which is just a taste of what our students can do at VCUQatar. Putting this event together was very tough but has taught me how to prepare an event from A to Z. I would like to thank Hissa Al Garni, Student Activities Coordinator, for her support and help throughout this long process,” said Hala Akkawi.

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