27 January 2009

VCUQatar Faculty Presents ‘A Moment in Time’

The Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar’s Assistant Professor of Fashion Design, Donald Earley launched an exhibition of his paintings entitled: ‘A Moment in Time, Works by Donald Earley' at Carnegie Hall Lewisburg, West Virginia, USA. The opening was well attended and the exhibit will run until February 23, 2009.

‘A Moment in Time: Works by Donald Earley’ captures the essence of Earley’s works to identify visual events in time by using art to tell a story and record a historic moment; giving the viewer an opportunity to analyze different points of view in art. Bettye Earley, Earley’s wife and manager approached Carnegie Hall and presented Earley’s works and the gallery was interested in a one person showing. 44 pieces are being exhibited currently, in various mediums: oil, pastel, graphite, mixed media and drypoint.      

Donald Earley hopes this exhibition will bring more exposure to the area that will lead to other exhibitions. They have already received an offer from Gallery 104 Roanoke, Virginia to have an exhibition in June 2009 and from there the exhibit will possibly move to Houston, Texas.

Earley will also be conducting a week-long workshop in Tuscany, Italy from June 6-12, 2009, that will be based on random studies in a sketch book dealing in shapes and forms and using architecture and interior studies. Participants will record memories in a sketch book. “It’s very much like Plein Air drawing classes; using the objects and forms that are around you,” said Earley. This project also deals in light source, which is the true focus of elements, architecture, interior and the use of light.
Another one-person exhibition on the anvil is scheduled for June 6-July 31 at Gallery 108 in Roanoke, VA. The works will be in various mediums – drypoint prints, pastel drawings, oils on canvas and drawings in mixed media and graphite.

Earley’s work has been exhibited at numerous galleries throughout the US and is on permanent display in the Huntington Museum of Art Huntington WV; Schlinder Gallery Richmond VA; Cumberland Gallery Nashville TN; 119 Gallery Jackson, MS; Black Heritage Gallery Houston TX; Hearne Fine Arts Gallery Little Rock AR; Joysmith Gallery Memphis TN; Samuel’s Gallery Oakland CA and Gallery 108 Roanoke VA. Donald Earley has been teaching at VCUQatar for six years now and prior to that, he taught at VCU in Richmond, Virginia for 20 years.

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