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27 November, 2008

VCUQatar Hosts High School Day

VCUQatar Hosts High School Day on the Education City Campus. Juniors and Seniors Invited.

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar invites Secondary school students to attend "VCUQatar High School Day on Saturday 29 November 2008 at 8:45AM. High School Day provides opportunities for prospective students interested in a design related career to experience workshops in art and design. Students will gain hands-on experience and learn what it is like to be a student working towards a degree in fashion, graphic or interior design.

Students will learn details of how to complete admissions procedure for entering VCUQatar including the application, and the choice of composing a portfolio of projects from recent art and design work or completing the design and drawing exercises. Applicants to VCUQatar have the option of submitting a digital or slide portfolio of at least 12 images and no more than 16. These images must show student's art and design work that has been completed in the recent past two years. It is best for students to demonstrate the diversity of their capabilities. They may however provide works in both 2D and 3D for their portfolio.

Students who do not have an art and design background or those that would rather submit new work may submit the six drawing and design exercises. The exercises include: 1) freehand perspective drawing of a room showing three pieces of furniture, 2) freehand drawing of a standing figure, 3) a crumpled piece of paper in strong light, 4) a collage using images cut from a magazines or other 2d materials, 5) a composition combining images or materials that might seem humorous and 6) illustration of the most interesting experience in the student's life. "These exercises allow us to gauge the students' potential to develop a diverse set of skills and ideas once they are accepted to the university. High school day is a chance for students to meet faculty and for us to meet the students. I am looking forward to meeting the students who want to explore a creative career path," stated Can Ikram, Director of Admissions.

Applicants may also inquire about the Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned Scholarship for Creativity offered to all seniors in Qatar by participating in the Design Competition where five winners in Qatar will receive cash prizes and two from all the 70 country winners will win the full four-year scholarship to attend VCUQatar.

Workshops on Saturday will include Fashion Drawing, Compositional Studies, Portrait Drawing, Two-dimensional design, experiments in texture and more. No reservations are required.