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13 March, 2008

VCUQatar Hosts Interior Design Public Presentation

VCUQatar will host a public presentation of the accomplishments, approaches and perspectives of VIA design. The presentation will take place on Tuesday March 11 at 19.00.

VIA Design is an innovation and design firm based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The two founding partners of VIA Design, Sune Kjems and Ida Vesterdal, are being brought to VCU Qatar by the graphic design department for the week of March 9 - 13th.

Sune, a graphic designer, will be working with a number of graphic design classes introducing them to current methods of innovation process and concept visualization. Ida, a cultural analyst, will be introducing the senior graphic design students to methods and processes of innovation potential identification currently being developed and applied in the industry. On Tuesday 11 March 19:00 at VCU Qatar Sune and Ida will give a public presentation showing VIA Design's unique approach to collaborating with clients to innovate strategies of synthesizing organizational structures, products, processes, and decisions together into effective transformation pathways within an uncertain and changing context.