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24 March, 2008

VCUQatar Hosts Speech Competition

VCUQatar recently held its first Speech Competition. The event was created for VCUQatar students and alumni to develop their public speaking skills and to build their self-confidence.

VCUQatar Training Consultant Ms Vicky Mustafa came up with the idea of the competition and preparations for the competition began in January 2008.

Participating students included Anahita Solayman, Dania Khalid, Hadeer Omar, Esra Sharab, Munira Al Tamimi, Aseel Mukhtar, Sozan Mahfouz, Maya Abusharar, Mariam Sallam, Ezra Kazem, Nayla Al Mulla and Ahmed Al Sayed.

"We would like to thank Vicky Mustafa for her constant contribution to VCUQatar, as well as the judges and role players of the competition who are officials from toastmasters in Qatar. One of them was Layla Saad, the first prize winner of the IBQ Communicator Awards in 2007. It is important for our students to improve their presentation skills and this annual competition will motivate them to do so." said Hissa Al Garni Student Activities Coordinator

VCUQatar hope to hold the Speech Competition annually and to involve all students from all branch campuses in Education City.